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The mission of #HandsAlongTheWater is to protect water and marine life through education and volunteer efforts , all across Florida.  

Please join us to help be the change!

Why Hands Along the Water? 

On August 12, 2018 at 10 am, an amazing show of unity occurred up down the coastlines of Florida. Floridians showed their concern about the environmental disaster  happening in the gulf by joining together, peacefully locking hands and standing together to show that we will not stand idle and watch our beautiful beaches, wildlife, homes and livelihoods continue to be destroyed by toxic algae.

The events that day proved to be a major success and gained the much needed attention of the media. But the environmental disaster continued and the politicians failed to take action to save our environment. As a result, the Hands Along the Water group realized that the work was not done, and that more action was needed.

The mission of Hands Along the Water is simple: protect water and marine life through education and volunteer efforts. 


Hands Along the Water is a volunteer-driven, grassroots movement representing the citizens of Florida, and is not supported or funded in any way by special interests or political parties. 

Hands Along The Water | 2018