Six Facts You Should Know

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

1. There are cities in Florida with 10+ pipes dumping water straight from the streets into the Gulf via storm water runoff pipes.

2. National Institute of Health (NIH) study found that red tide was just once per year at the start of their study and by the time the study was finished in 2004, red tide was occurring every season.

3. There are Best Management Practices (BMP's) that are being implemented in states just like ours to improve water quality and reduce toxic algae and other pollutants. These include: year-round fertilizer bans, replacing non-native plants with native ones, having a 30 ft vegetation buffer along waterways to make the water emptying into the Gulf 50% cleaner, and labeling storm water runoffs.

4. 11 states have a year-round ban on fertilizers that contain phosphorous and/or nitrogen because high concentrations of phosphorous cause toxic algae blooms. See here:

5. Amendment 1 was passed in 2014 with overwhelming support from Florida voters, allocating millions in funds to preserve and protect environment/ecosystems. Yet, many counties in Florida only have $4,000 allocated per year for soil and water conservation.

6. The hundreds of tons of dead marine animals are being taken to the county landfills.

These animals contain neurotoxins that can travel an 11 mile radius. At this point, no known air-quality tests have been completed.

It will take all of us getting involved both statewide and in our local communities to solve this problem. Join us!

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