HOA "Go Green!" Best Management Practices Document

Best Management Practices (BMP) for Florida Friendly HOA and Non-HOA Landscaping and Vegetative Maintenance Everyone who buys in an HOA managed subdivision wishes for an attractive setting that is maintained mostly by committees and the HOA hired contractors and board. Gated or otherwise, residents move in and out of their HOA subdivision and go about their daily business, no doubt appreciating the landscaping and grounds keeping they see along their way. This document is designed to be a short guide about Best Management Practices (BMP) for Florida HOA’s that can help committee members, boards, and residents assure that their HOA is doing things that do no harm, or at the very least, do minimal harm to the environment...

For the full document in downloadable form click here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/b03d3e_ef613ae3a9fb40b0a0add228d7a28a10.pdf

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