#PopUpCleanUp, #TrashTag

We have multiple events coming up. Here's one that you can participate in virtually.

Join #HandsAlongTheWater monthly for a #PopUpCleanUp and wherever you are, head outside and pick up trash with the goal of #EightInEight. 8 pieces of trash in 8 minutes.

Why 8? Because 8 symbolizes strength, a new beginning, and infinity. It is good luck in many cultures and we all know, our water and marine life need as many good vibes as possible.

So, mark your calendar! If you know of a spot that’s particularly ridden with trash, make a point to head there for our first #PopUpCleanUp on Saturday, March 23rd, bring some friends or go solo, and at 11 am, pick up 8 pieces of trash in 8 minutes. Be sure to take a photo and use #TrashTag, #HandsAlongTheWater, #EightInEight, and #PopUpCleanUp!

Link to Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1258250127664156/

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Hands Along The Water | 2018